When you hear the word energy, what is the first thing you think of? Renewable energy, fuel for your car, what you hear about in the news or your own metabolism? The mind creates many scenarios to deal with these forms of energy, but when did you last watch the energy in and around your body? The energy in your body and your aura is subtle. Did you just feel goosebumps and a softening in your solar plex when you pondered the word aura? When you still the body and the mind for a moment, you can see the energy in your body pause as well. It’s like a fresh start whenever you want. Take a deep, easy, slow breathe and keep watching because the eye that looks inward sees everything needed for optimum health and balance. Sure, health is influenced by external events, but our response to them is often automatic and uncontrolled. Noticing your response is the first step to living in harmony with external events. Take Spring, for example. A change of season is innately invigorating, uplifting and awakening. Initially, Spring sounds like an external event that happens to you. Harmony is the act of integrating change in positive ways.

A change of season brings change within you. To notice and integrate the changes, do some inner Spring cleaning. When you notice your body drawn towards the warming sun, go outside for a walk. When you notice the landscape getting greener, eat more fresh leafy greens. When you notice the snow melting into streams, drink more water. When you notice life awakening outside, awaken your body with more exercise. Be Spring!

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