– Classes –

As a topic, there are as many ways to discuss yoga as there are to teach classes. Yoga is training for relating to daily life with more awareness, consciousness, joy and ease. A teacher plus a home practice accelerates progress. Positive results come from regular practice and full attention on the mat brings benefits felt throughout the day.

YogaWorks classes are offered for adults of all ages in public, corporate and one on one settings. Weekly yoga classes are 1 hour or 1.5 hours for all levels of experience. Together, we move with integrity through different sequences each week to gain understanding about joints, energy and movement from within. Modifications are always shown, so get as gentle or vigorous as you like. Classes end with a sense of well being and integrate new learning safely and effectively. Every class starts with warm-up and ends with cool down and final relaxaion. I encourage self-effort to increase awareness, make progress measurable and continue practice at home. 

I teach privately and in public facilities in Wasaga Beach and surrounding areas.

Group classes (Minimum registration is 2 months):
$50/month and 1 class/week
$90/month and 2 classes/week
One on one sessions (Minimum registration is 5 sessions):
1 hour at $55/hour 
1.5 hours at $70/hour
Sessions are suited to personal needs.
Focus on one or more: pranayama, meditation, movement. 
Contact me for more information.