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Born and raised in Toronto, I started using Yoga in the 1980’s to combat thyroid imbalance, stress and fatigue. After receiving my diploma in Fine Arts and completing studies in Ceramics at Sheridan College in Oakville in 1990, I pursued pottery and taught classes through the Toronto Board of Education, at camps and in private studios in Dufferin County. 

In 1989, I met Baba Hari Dass and my Classical Ashtanga yoga journey began. Training taught me a way of life, ways to teach and a way of being that still brings inner clarity, peace and connection. Cultivating awareness and non-attachment through poses taught me to pay attention now and respond to now. I learned how meditation releases the mind from past ills and future expectations. Regular practice brings me closer to others, gets me to question how the body works and lets me move in the world with vigour and curiosity. I completed YogaFit training with Susie Dias, founder and author of East to West Yoga Programs at East to West Yoga and Pilates Studio in Toronto. In 2001, I decided teaching was a natural next step and completed the 200HR YTT at Mount Madonna. After years of teaching, I got very interested in integral movement in early 2017 through the work of Diane Bruni, Frey Faust and Tom Myers discoveries in Myofascial Meridians. With repetitive movements dominating our lives, teachers in the movement arts are working on whole body movement in safe and effective ways for all body types to improve elasticity, avoid injury and feel and look better. For these reasons, it became essential for me to focus on movement in yoga. 

Inspired by Baba Hari Dass to ‘Teach to Learn’, I have seen students grow into teachers. I have no prior athletic training, other than a penchant for gymnastics in high school. After years of practicing yoga, I was tested by a fitness trainer and found to have the fitness level of a marathon runner. This was through yoga alone.  In May 2010 I proved the power of yoga by winning a test of endurance on a Canadian reality show. Check the news page for more details.