Welcome to YogaWorks

YogaWorks online explores yoga poses, yoga philosphy and evolving teaching styles. I do not adhere to one yoga style or label because acceptance, tolerance and compassion are universal qualities. I discovered them through yoga, but there are many ways to cultivate these qualities.

Whatever your personal reasons for taking an interest in yoga – to feel better, get healthier, stronger, happier, recover from an injury, practice it as a family activity, reduce stress, lose weight, improve your lifestyle – any one or combination of these and other reasons are valid starting points. However, only regular practice will change patterns and create positive life-changing experiences for the mind and body. 

The body is a repository for all actions and thoughts. Yoga brings awareness of how choices affect you and those around you. Yoga increases happiness, peaceful thoughts, compassion and acceptance of your body. Once you experience positive results, you can choose actions and thoughts that make you feel better, restore and maintain equilibrium and contribute to an overall sense of well-being through connection with self and others. 

Even five minutes of yoga a day is better than one hour a week. Whether you are a busy person with a few minutes or an hour a day, practice to learn. A common practice is the 30 minute busy person’s yoga routine for strength, stamina and flexibility.

I keep adding articles and links on this site and am happy to answer questions related to practice.

Feel free to email questions or comments.

Wishing you health and happiness!